Voices From the Past: Tapping into Love

So many voices from the past deafening me with warnings, feeding the fear energy. The tools of the Protector. It is just us, trying to protect ourselves from harm. Sending us warnings that we are in danger.

Do not show me future scenarios/memories based on old stories. I acknowledge the message but Stop. NO!. This isn’t the truth, this is a new story and I am driving the bus now. I have nothing to fear, I am safe.

I will decide how my story unfolds by coming back to now, coming back into presence, and coming back to love. Just love, be love and send it out to the collective, let it expand and grow.

Believe in love: A powerful insight.

I always interpreted that in a way that I perceived the object of my focus, of my desire, was love. Because of the intense “feelings” I had towards them; that was love right? No, that is not love, that is chemistry, desire, addiction, attachment, but you might love them too…..look deeper. Love is warm and nourishing. Love is compassion, and gratitude. It is unconditional if its true. It is not something we feel for another. It is a state of being. It is something to tap into, to connect to, to become and then project out onto others. Fear, anger etc cannot live there. They are just projections of old stories haunting us. Love is an energy, the source, pure consciousness. We need to learn how to control this switch, which we can do with practice.

So next time I get triggered, or the voices of doom start whispering or yelling at me or offering me future memories, I’m gonna follow this recipe:

  1. Acknowledge them, and honor them
  2. Then put your hand up and say NO! STOP!
  3. Then let go of it or turn away in your mind
  4. Then pull yourself back into the present moment
  5. Now tap into love. If you have trouble with your connection in the moment, just focus on the breath. Just breathe, it will find you.

Lens of love Vs lens of fear.

The images look very different. Through the lens of fear reality is twisted by the shadows of the past. Perverted to show us the worst case scenario of outcomes. That is the literal definition of this:

  • False
  • Evidence
  • Appearing
  • Real

Through the lens of love comes intuition, clarity and perspective.

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